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Suzanne O'Brien RN

“We are all in this together. By being kind, compassionate and helping out our fellow brothers and sisters, we can make this world the best place it can possibly be”.

Suzanne B. O’Brien is a registered nurse. She has worked most of her nursing career in hospice care and oncology care. Suzanne was immediately struck by this intense area of healthcare and the many gaps in education and support for both the patient and the loved ones. In 2008 Suzanne began offering free community educational seminars at her local library. These workshops taught families how to care for their loved ones at the end of life. This is ultimatley the concept of hospice care ( The nurse manages the care of the dying patient and teaches the family how to do the care). At the present state of time, this concept is far from successful. This is due to the overwhelming fear of death ( death is the 2nd leading fear in the US) and the late period of time that people actually go on hospice services. It was due to seeing this break in the system and the compounded amount of suffering it caused that fueled Suzanne’s passion to help teach families this life changing skill of how to care for their loved ones before they ever needed it. This training and concept proved so successful that Suzanne traveled to communities offering the free trainings and gave them on live webinars so that people around the world could attend.
Suzanne O'Brien RN

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