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Award Winning Facilitator & Training

  • NEDA Approved Core Competencies

    The Doulagivers® Certified End-Of-Life Doula Training Contains The Approved NEDA (National End Of Life Doula Alliance) Core Competencies.

  • Worldwide Leader in Healthcare

    Awarded “Worldwide Leader In Healthcare” by the International Nurses Association for creating DOULAGIVERS®

  • Best Selling Author

    Best Selling Author of Creating Positive Passings: End of Life Doula, Level 1, Caregiver Training

"The End-Of-Life Doula Profession is NOW Mainstream"

Are you ready to feel confident serving your community, clients, friends and family at end of life?

Dear End-Of-Life Doula/Death Doula,


  • You feel called to work with the elderly or dying and their families but aren’t sure how to start
  • You already work with the elderly or dying in some capacity, either privately or professionally, and are ready to embrace your calling more fully
  • You have a passion for educating your community on the resources available for the elderly and at end of life and need to put together a plan to help get in front of more people
  • You understand we are in the middle of the “Silver Tsunami” and more people are aging and will be dying now more than ever before, and you feel called to serve this population at a higher level
  • You have faced or have had friends or family that have faced gut wrenching end-of-life decisions and you want to learn how to advocate for them in a way that honors their choices
  • You currently identify yourself as an End-Of-Life Doula or Death Doula and you want to become educated and certified 

I have encouraging news for you….

If you’ve been in any of these situations and wished or prayed for education, guidance, professional recognition and a community that “gets” you, that experience has led you here.  You’re in the right place, right here and now.

This training will give you the knowledge and confidence to work with people at the end of life and will bring the clout and validation of being certified in the core competencies that NEDA (National End of Life Doula Association) has set forth for our industry.

Become a Certified End of Life Doula Today!

Our next online live semester begins September 24, 2019*. Learn the Skill, Change The World!

*All self-paced students enrolling in our learning portal between now and then will have a space saved automatically for the next live semester.

Hello...my name is Suzanne O'Brien, RN

I am passionate about helping teach families and other “helpers” the life changing skill of how to care for their loved ones and community members at the end of life. In 2012, I went on a self-paid volunteer hospice trip to Zimbabwe, Africa. This trip changed my life. The people of Zimbabwe are so lovely and did not have much in terms of material things or healthcare. The average age of life for a female is 42 years old. It was on this trip that I saw people being trained to “sit” with the person who was dying and “guide” them through the end-of-life journey. Without the luxury of medications and equipment, this concept was so effective. This reminded me of The Birthing “Doula” concept and when I came back to the US, The Doulagivers™ End-Of-Life Doula Training was born.
Read my full bio here
Hello...my name is Suzanne O'Brien, RN

What does this mean for you?

Despite the modern myth that you must have formal medical training to provide meaningful end-of-life experiences for your family, friends or community, you CAN learn to serve the dying and make a great living doing it (if that’s your desire)!

Whether you’re looking to:

  • work with the elderly
  • educate your community on the topic of end-of-life
  • support your own family and friends during end-of-life or before hospice
  • deepen your understanding of death to further support your hospice volunteer work
  • start your own professional End-Of-Life/Death Doula business

this is the PERFECT place to start or move you further on this rewarding path.

If you’re ready to hone your skills in working with the dying…

Our online live semester begins September 24, 2019*.

*All self-paced students enrolling in our learning portal between now and then will have a space saved automatically for the next live semester.

Invest In Your Future As A Doulagivers® End-Of-Life Doula


Having peace of mind and confidence knowing:

How to build a beautiful trust rapport with the elderly and those at the end of life

● How to help them through the shock phase of an end of life diagnosis

● How to help them voice what their needs are at every stage in their process

● How to speak with their doctors, nurses, home health aides, clergy members and social workers in a way that causes harmony and the best possible outcomes for them

● The phases of end of life and how to explain them to loved ones

● What the most common medications are used in end of life care

And so much more….


The dying have specific fears and needs that need to be addressed at the end of life.  Most of us haven’t been raised in a society that openly discusses death as a natural part of life, so when we’re faced with our mortality, we are unsure how to communicate our needs and desires.  This can lead to many challenges.  When you’ve taken this certification course, you will understand what the common needs of all dying persons are and how to facilitate getting them met.

You’ll understand how to actively listen and hold space for the dying and their families to do the work needed to have a good death.

Don't just take our word for it....

Click the video below to hear what Dawn Whelan, Doulagivers® Certified End-Of-Life Doula of MyLastGift.com has to say...

Our online LIVE semester begins September 24, 2019*.

Join the THOUSANDS of people who have already been through this life-changing program.

*All self-paced students enrolling in our learning portal between now and then will have a space saved automatically for the next live semester.

Here are the tools you'll receive in this program....

Doulagivers®  students will have 24/7 access to this course and all updates to it for as long as we continue to offer them.

Fully Self-Paced Online CEOLD Training Program

(Value $1,997)

This course has 12 lesson modules with learning objectives, assignments, case studies and self-assessment quizzes at the end.
Fully Self-Paced Online CEOLD Training Program

12 LIVE Weekly Webinar Trainings

(value $1,200)

Taught by Suzanne O'Brien, RN and Lead Doulagivers Trainers Trainers will also answer questions live after each class. (value $1,200)
12 LIVE Weekly Webinar Trainings

Access to a Doulagivers™ Mentor and Coach by Phone


Monday through Friday 10 am - 6 pm EST for live interaction, questions and personal coaching. We encourage all support to be done by email.
Access to a Doulagivers™ Mentor and Coach by Phone

Private Facebook® Group just for students.


This page will be monitored by Lead Doulagivers Trainers for feedback and support.
Private Facebook® Group just for students.

Bonus Material


  • Complete Video Certification from Seattle, Washington Training April 2018

    (value $1,997)

  • "30 Days to Your First Client" Mastermind Class

    This will be given at the end of each live semester by me and I will walk students through the step-by-step process of setting up their new Doula Business and getting their first client within 30 days. It will be 4 one-hour interactive webinars with live Q&A and weekly assignments. After that they will get continuous monthly mentoring for one year. This is what is needed most for CEOLD's at this time. This will be invaluable. (value $2,997)

  • Doulagivers® Press Kit

    (value $997) All the latest articles and news clips at your fingertips. Simply hand to potential clients.

Bonus #4 Doulagivers® Business Building Series (value $497)

Everything is included to start your new Certified End-Of-Life Doula business.

  • Doulagivers® Interview Checklist Form

  • Doulagivers® Patient/Family Agreement and Disclaimer Form

  • Doulagivers® Website Template

  • Structuring Your LLC and other Important Business Tips

Bonus # 5 - Doulagivers® Marketing Materials (value $597)

Once you're certified, you'll need to market your business! Put the power of Doulagivers® national marketing initiatives to work for you.

  • Official press release to announce your new Doulagivers® business

  • Doulagivers® Discussions on Death and Dying Seminar Series (12 -month series to be offered at your local library or other community space)

  • Testimonials from families and students who have taken and used the trainings.

  • Doulagivers® Logo JPEG Files

  • Email templates and phone scripts: Pre-made scripts and templates to use to promote your new Doulagivers® business.

  • “What is an End of Life Doula” 40-Minute PowerPoint Presentation. To be given in your community and for healthcare organizations.

  • Listing on the Doulagivers® Collective Directory

  • Social Media Marketing How To's: Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In step by step set-up instructions

Doulagivers® Certified End-Of-Life Doula Training Curriculum

We need you. Society needs you.

There are 76.4 Million Baby Boomers
 (Source: US census Bureau)

9/10 people want to be cared for at home if terminally ill. 
(Source: 1996 Gallop Poll from NHPCO)

● 20% of the 76.4 Million do not have their own children


The US could see a shortage of up to 120,000 physicians by 2030. 
(Source: The complexities of Physicians Supply and Demand AAMC)

By 2020 the US will need 12 million new nurses. 
(Source: ANA American Nurses Association)

An estimated 117 million Americans will need assistance of some kind by 2020, yet the number of unpaid caregivers is expected to reach only 45 million (Source: Forbes August 10th,2018)


You’re probably saying to yourself, “I know I want to become a Doulagiver™ Certified End-Of-Life Doula but what’s my investment?”

I want to make learning these skills as easy and affordable as possible so your decision is an easy one to make.

The true value of the materials in incalculable because of the type of value you’ll be bringing to people’s lives.  While keeping full integrity, I could easily set the investment amount up to $4,900 but I intentionally chose to offer it at a fraction of that.


To make it easy for you to say YES….to yourself, to the program and to the millions of people that need your help.

And to make it even easier, I offer the option of an easy installment plan (since I know cash flow issues can be very real for some people called to this work).

Are you ready to…


Join us for our next online LIVE semester beginning September 24, 2019*.

*All self-paced students enrolling in our learning portal between now and then will have a space saved automatically for the next live semester.

To Your Success,

Suzanne O'Brien, RN

P.S. Every minute you wait to get your "Doulagivers® End-Of-Life Doula Certification" is another minute there are clients needing and wanting service but you don't have the skills to serve!

We are so sure you’ll be happy with our course that we offer a “7-Day Money-Back Guarantee” to ensure customer satisfaction of our courses. If for any reason you wish to discontinue using any of our courses within the first week, we will promptly issue a refund.

Simply contact us at support@doulagiversinstitute.com to speak to a customer care specialist about our 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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