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Elder Care Doula Training

Aging is a difficult, but integral part of our life. Having people to count on and care for your loved ones brings not only great quality of life to the patient, but also incredible peace of mind to those who love them.

Elder Care Doulas are specifically trained to provide holistic (physical, emotional, and spiritual) care for the elderly. An Elder Care Doula can care for your aging seniors by simply being a companion through the aging process, as well as by providing ongoing support to both the patient and their families at the time throughout the end-of-life process.

Due to the reality of the modern family structure and our increasingly challenged medical system, we need additional options to support and care for the precious, aging population. It is time to give the elderly the reverence and care they deserve. If you are a Doulagviers certified End of Life Doula with a passion for the elderly, register for our Elder Care Doula Training Program today.

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