Registration is Now Open for Doulagivers® LIVE Academic Semester - Winter 2019!

Classes start January 14, 2019

 Are you ready to take your Doulagivers®  training and services to the NEXT LEVEL?

Want to serve the elderly before and through the End-Of- Life?

A Doulagivers®  Specialist is someone who has taken all three Doulagivers®  award-winning trainings and becomes certified as an: 

☆ Elder Care Doula 

Care Consultant Doula 

End of Life Doula 

A Doulagivers® Specialist plans and coordinates the care of the elderly to improve their quality of life on a daily basis and to maintain their independence. 

The Doulagivers® Specialist also establishes a trusted relationship to be able to be present and support both the patient and family during the End of Life process. 

By working with seniors, helping them plan their wishes, and being a trusted companion for them as they reach the End of Life, the Doulagivers® Specialist is able to care for the elderly, help with all end of life paperwork and plans, and be there to care for the client as an End-Of-Life Doula.

Why all three certifications? 

We are currently at the beginning of the “Silver Tsunami” and seniors will need our help more than at any other time in our history. Because a strong bond of trust, care and concern is created when supporting the elderly as their lives are transitioning, it’s only a natural fit that they would turn to those they trust FIRST as they will need help in all three aspects of their lives – day to day support, putting their affairs in order and the End of Life.

Being a Doulagivers® Specialist, certified in all three areas, will make you the go-to person to offer a complete, well-rounded care service.

Here's what Genna had to say about the Doulagivers® Specialist training...

Award Winning Facilitator & Training

  • NEDA Approved Core Competencies

    The Doulagivers™ Certified End-Of-Life Doula Training Contains The Approved NEDA (National End Of Life Doula Alliance) Core Competencies.