Doulagiver Specialist

Someone who has taken all 3 award winning trainings

Plans and coordinates the care of the elderly to improve their quality of life on a daily basis and to maintain their independence. The Doulagiver Specialist also establishes a trusted relationship to be able to be present and support both patient and family during the End of Life process. He/she is trained in all three Doulagivers Trainings. By working with seniors, helping them plan their wishes, and being a trusted companion for them as they reach the End of Life, The Doulagiver Specialist is able to care for the elderly, help with all end of life paperwork and plans, and be there to care for the client as an End of Life Doula.

All 3 Doulagivers Trainings :

Bundle package pricing:

All 3 Doulagivers Trainings : Bundle package pricing:

Every student will also get: A complete self paced/ self study classroom with all three trainings in it. This will be open to the student for life.

There are two live offerings for the Doulagivers Specialist Training program. **** Please note that students may enroll for this training at anytime by taking it in the self/paced self study classroom. They do not have to attend one of the live events!   We will now have an actually academic year where students can enroll up to a time period and then take a live weekly class for a period of time. This is an amazing offer.

Suzanne O'Brien, RN   will teach each course.

 We will be offering two programs:

1) Certified Doulagivers Specialist ( all three trainings) 

2) Certified End of Life Doula Training.

The classes will begin on Tuesday, September 4th  from 7pm-8pm ET. The Certified Doulagivers Specialist Training will be a total of 8 Months once a week and will consist of all 3 trainings. The Certified End of Life Doula Training will be the first training offered and students can choose to take ONLY this training for the first 3 months. Both trainings will consist of:

Doulagiver Specialist Training Program Details

ALL Three Doulagivers Trainings ( Elder Care Doula, Doualgiver Care Consultant, and End of Life Doula Trainings)

1) Live weekly classes taught by Suzanne B. O'Brien RN. Suzanne will answer all questions live after each class.

2) The Full Self- Paced Self Study Online version of the CEOLD Training

3) Course Objectives

4) Weekly Assignments

5) Case Studies

6) Self- Assessment Quiz After Each Learning Module


1) Each student will be assigned a personal Doulagivers mentor and coach

2) Global Community Forum

3) Live Weekly office hours

4) Assistance setting up your contact hours internship with Hospices or other EOL organizations

What You Will Get:

Certified Doulagivers Specialist Training. Standard  Bundle Package Price $3,997.00 Early Registration Price: $1,997.00.

Includes all three Doulagivers Trainings. Certified End of Life Doula Training ( $1997.00 ), Certified Elder Care Doula Training ( $497.00), Certified Doulagiver Care Consultant Training ($1997.00).

The bundle package will also include the Business Building Series ( $497.00 ) and the Marketing Materials ( $497.00 ) programs, lifetime membership in The Doulagivers Network $149/yr  3-60 minute one-on -one  coaching calls. ( $149.00 each)Total Value  $5438.00 .Early Registration Now Only $1,997.00

*****Payment Plans Available***

*****All students who attend the live events need to complete the online version as well for both CEOLD and The Doulagivers Specialist****

Thank You,


All 3 Courses Total Value $5438.00

Bundle Package Also Includes Business Building Series and Marketing Materials

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